In 1960 Maserin Fervido started the production of knives after having experienced this kind of production for several years. His intention was to produce a high quality range of knives both in shape that in materials. Today, after almost 50 years experience, our family keeps on producing high quality knives reaching high standard levels of the process of production.

In this website we want to introduce a selection of our most refined knives exclusively for the American market. All our knives are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy with an exceptional level of artisanal handcraft. You’re welcome to visit our wide selection and we’ll be pleased to hear from you and answer any question you may have.


This is the product line dedicated to connoisseurs who appreciate style, elegance and the highest grade of care for details: these are the major characters that make every Maserin knife a functional, distinctive and elegant piece of work.

The line dedicated to those people “in field”, may that be a shooting range, combat scenario, military training or a rescue situation; wherever materials and technology are brought to the extreme conditions.



If your goal is “outdoor” you will find your best companion in this selection of high-tech and modern knives. Engineered with a long lasting purpose and all-weather conditions all knives from the Outdoor collection combine sturdiness, design and function.

Minimal and modern design, light and durable, these are the perfect tools for professional Chefs throughout the world. Ideal to equip and dress the most prestigious kitchens!

The renowned Maserin pocket size knives have been an iconic tool for decades. They encompass traditional design with material edge technology such as carbon fiber. The collection boxes represent today the most ambitious piece for any knife connoisseur.